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What about living in London ?



We met Mattia (Italian) some time ago. He gave us his thoughts about his life and experience in London. He is still working over there now as a chef. We have summed up his best ideas above as well as information that could be very useful for you!

>>> In total there are 9 travel zones, and the further you go from Zone 1, the cheaper things will be: food, clothes, rent, hairdressers, beer and so on.

When you arrive in London for the first time, everything seems chaotic: everybody is running, stressed, shopping or looking forward to going back home. It is! But everyone gets used to it.

One of the first things to learn is how to use the public transport system.

>>> Tip: download an app called citymapper, which will be your best ally during your first few months.

>>> To travel around London, the best way is to get an Oyster card. This is like a pre-paid ticket that you can use as pay-as-you-go or as a travelcard.


" I personally think that the best way to approach London is: with a good knowledge of the language, with some working experience in the field where you want to work, with a built-in-advance idea of what you want to do better a friend and enough money for the first month/month and half ! "

The cost of living is quite high in London due to the rent and transport, but the salaries reflect this.

>>> Tesco, Sainsbury's, Poundland, Iceland and Lidl are big supermarket chains with really good prices.

>>> For clothes and other stuff, Primark is the cheapest.

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