Room4Talk blog | We love team work : the best way to find your dream place

We love team work : the best way to find your dream place


Still looking for your apartment and the right housemate? Let's Room4talk !

Finding an apartment in the city you have just moved to or you are about to move to can be really tough for a thousand reasons. You might not have the right acquaintances and contacts (yet), you have no one to be your guarantor, you can’t speak the language (yet), you’re a poor and jobless student… You know what? We’ve all been there. And we have already come up with the perfect solution.

Here’s our first piece of advice: you won’t be alone, especially if you are willing to find a roomie or a housemate to share your room or apartment with. Sometimes being the last one to join a group of roommates who are already living together is not that easy. Buy, like you, they want to find the right person to share their personal space with. That’s why they usually make you go through a strict selection process. It’s also why you should be the one to be proactive. Take the initiative and make the first move!

Teamwork is the key: it’s actually easier to find an apartment when you have an entire team supporting you who are aiming for the same goal as you and will help you in your search!

That’s why you definitely need to post your ad on Room4talk. Have a look at the many students who have already posted on our website and are looking for a housemate, contact them via the platform and make your offer: “John, do you want to share an apartment with me? Let’s do this together”. We’re sure you’ll receive a lot of positive answers, especially in big cities like Paris where the demand for apartments is extremely high. Teaming up with other people can really make the difference.

Once you’ve found your housemate, you can go and find an apartment. Together.

We want to go further and make sure you have all the information and tools you need to succeed in your search. Here’s a list of some online estate agents and their websites in France, for instance:

You’re welcome ;) Finally, don’t think for a moment that you will be on your own. Whether you need help or have further questions, feel free to contact us on our websiteand on our Facebook page. We’ll be glad to help you!