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​Top 5 Christmas Markets in Europe



Assuming there is no Grinch attitude in you (otherwise you would not be here wouldn't you?), here are the best Christmas markets to embrace your Christmas spirit. Let (it snow) the Michael Bublé inside you come out!

1. Colmar, France

Yes, the best Christmas market is not to be found in Germany or Austria, but in our beloved French country. Colmar is a small village in Alsace (close to the German border) which was quite an inspiration to Walt Disney: apparently, we owe it the setting of the movie "Beauty and the Beast"! Also known as "The little Venice" for its fairytale-like channels, the village has one of the most amazing markets surrounded by typically colourful houses in the Franco-German style and bright lights to keep your spirit up when it is too cold.

2. Nuremberg

Located in the heart of Germany (though not far from the Czech Republic), Nuremberg has the highest reputation for this annual event. The scenery is actually very similar to Colmar thanks to its half-timbered houses which are though very different one from another. Besides taking a picture of each of them, don't forget to have a glass of mulled wine to cheer/warm up while hanging around.

3. Vienna

It is the only capital on the list and for a good reason: it has the charm of an imperial city, the Sachertorte and lights everywhere. Vienna is an ideal destination if you are not looking for a quick trip to the Christmas markets but want to visit a little bit too. Although it is slightly more expensive than other destinations, it is totally worth it: devote at least 2 days to the Schönbrunn Palace, the Belvedere, Hofburg and "das Rathaus"'. Of course, Sacher cake is on your bucket list, no need to mention that.

4. Cologne

If you are looking for quite a big city and for a short trip as well, Cologne is probably the best option: not expensive, picturesque and home to a bunch of markets too. Though you will not find as many monuments and sites as in Vienna, you cannot miss the Cathedral (the Dom), the Hohenzollern Bridge you will see in every postcard and the Botanical Garden too. Even though you are not in Bayer, we assume that bier and sausages will be tasty anyway.

5. Montreux

We couldn't leave out Switzerland and we wanted the German-speaking-country triangle to be complete: just because it is expensive, it doesn't mean that you have to skip it. Unlike previous destinations, Montreux is sided by a lake, which gives it a more romantic and fairytale touch. Although the lake itself is the first thing to see on the list, don't forget to check on the Chillon Castle - not far from the town and look for some panoramic views on the way.