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Top 10 Erasmus Cities


2017 is a big year for Europe !

2017 is a big year for Europe: the EU turned 60 and the Erasmus program 30! So, there couldn’t be a better opportunity to find out which European are the best for your Erasmus. Stay tuned. Every week will be completely devoted to one the best Erasmus cities: we will share with you some special memories and tips to make your experience unique.

1. Madrid

You aren’t surprised, are you? Spain has a reputation for being the best Erasmus destination. Even those students who don’t even a Spanish word, besides “hola” can’t help choosing the country that never sleeps. What’s more, the Spanish capital has a lot to offer: the Prado National Museum, Plaza Mayor or the Royal Palace…

2. Valencia

The best city for parting all night long? Again it’s a Spanish city! Eating a paella with your friends looking at the sea... Even winters are mild there, so you will definitely benefit from the good vibes of the so-called “vida loca”!

3. Paris

La Ville Lumière is of course in the top 10: love, art, culture and exquisite food. Nobody can resist the charm of the Eiffel Tower, Montmartre and the Champs Elysées: boat parties are a must during your Erasmus as well as trips around France, so don’t forget to visit Mont Saint Michel, Lyon or the South of France. Ah, and don’t forget wine of course!

4. Barcelona

Another Spanish city on the list: however, don’t forget that the city is in the autonomous community of Catalonia and that most of the inhabitants don’t feel Spanish at all and would like to be completely independent. Respect that and embrace their culture. Then what? The Holy Family, Park Güell, both Gaudì’s buildings, the Boqueria market and the spectacular view from Montjuïc!

5. Lisbon

The colorful Portuguese city next to the Atlantic Ocean is at 5th place. Together with Paris, wine is part of the local culture, so a trip to Porto to taste the homonymous wine is mandatory. When summer comes, you would maybe feel like taking up surf, which will certainly another thing you will learn during your Erasmus.

6. London

Some of you may be surprised to see that the British capital is only 6th. Is it due to the fact that rents are super expensive? Who knows. Though, London isn’t at the top of the list, but still it attracts students from all over the world: this is your best chance to learn English properly and get a hot British accent and of course, get to live in one of the most amazing cities in the world.

7. Brussels

The Belgian capital is on the list: it is not a big city but is full of opportunities and extremely challenging. Especially those who are big fans of the EU and would like to have a career in this field can’t really miss this opportunity: plus, where else can you eat such delicious French fries and experience the charm of the nearby town of Bruges?

8. Berlin

Deutschland über alles! Well, 8th position isn’t bad at all! The modern German capital has a lot to offer, both for art/culture and nightlife. Their cooking isn’t one of the best and winters are extremely cold, but hot chocolate with hot blonde guys doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all!

9. Boulogne

Nobody would have never ever thought of Boulogne as the favorite Erasmus city in Italy? The city that hosts the most ancient university in Italy (it was founded in 1088!) is followed by Milan and just after these we find Florence and Rome (too many tourists?). Though, don’t worry: you’ll get to eat excellent food in Boulogne too! Typical dishes are: lasagna, piadina, tortellini and of course spaghetti Bolognese (although Italians prefer the real name, “spaghetti al ragù”!).

10. Prague

The capital of the Czech Republic is on the top 10 list. What did you expect? Here beer is actually cheaper than water and we all know that bier is one the basic nutrients for Erasmus students. As every city/town which is along a river, Prague too is extremely charming, though more calm and less chaotic than other capitals: find your peace in the castle and do some history research, because the capital has a lot to teach you.