Room4Talk blog | Thank you Ryanair!

Thank you Ryanair!


Let's see what Ryanair set up for you

Despite recent troubles connected with strikes of Ryanair’s staff, we want to focus on the good news - as usual. As some of you already know, Erasmus Student Network (known as ESN) and Ryanair’s CEO, Michael O’Leary, have decided to go into business and to start a partnership that allows Erasmus students to have a discount on Ryanair’s flights. But what does this really mean?

First of all, the target group is our beloved Erasmus students, normally studying in Europe since Ryanair serves European destinations. Then, you need a valid ESN card to book your flight and benefit from a 15% discount on all these already cheap flights. The discount can be applied to 8 one-way flights throughout the year when you book them on Ryanair’s website. The partnership goes even beyond a mere discount on all flights: indeed, you will be allowed to have a 20kg check-in bag (checked luggage) besides your hand luggage. It means that you can bring all the clothes you want, especially when it comes to switching and unpredictable seasons, you can bring your food when you miss your home cuisine or you will have more space for your memories, souvenirs and gifts to your family and friends when you go back.

Let’s say that 2017 is being a year full of surprises, especially for travelers and Erasmus students: we were still celebrating the free roaming inside the European Union and the Schengen countries (Island, Norway and Lichtenstein are included), when we heard that Ryanair was going to offer the opportunity to have discounted tickets for Erasmus students, as if they were not cheap enough before. We hope that these surprises and benefits will continue. Right now, we really need to see how beneficial and advantageous it is be to be a European citizen.