Room4Talk blog | How to live like a real Parisian!

How to live like a real Parisian!


Photo taken by Claudia - Musée du Louvre / Paris

We met Claudia.B, a British girl, a few month ago. She gave us her feelings about Paris but also her top tips on how to live like a real Parisian! We thought it could be a good opportunity for you to hear about a real experience!

If she had to describe her flatsharing experience in a few words, she’d say: "I had an absolutely amazing time and wouldn’t change it for the world!"

First, Parisians are used to drinking strong coffee, possibly with a cigarette! They wear black and they really appreciate it when you speak formally to them when you don't know each other. They discuss politics, but never money!

Find out about all the latest exhibitions and museum openings - culture is key! Claudia found some great websites for finding out when things are or!

Finally, she said make the most of being a student (if you are). Most museums and attractions are free entry!


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