Room4Talk blog | How to find your dream place in Paris ?

How to find your dream place in Paris ?


The toughest experience in Paris? Being a foreign student and trying to find somewhere to live!

Moving to another country, switching language and getting used to the new culture is always a big deal. Beginnings are never easy but you are so excited that you don’t really mind. Finding an apartment in Paris can be complicated, but there’s some good news! I haven’t been living under a bridge or asking a church for protection. So you can breathe a sigh of relief and simply follow Room4talk’s advice!

Prepare yourself for the fact that French people normally have a guarantor when they rent an apartment in France. But don’t panic. It’s rare but some landlords may rent you their apartment even without a guarantor. They usually require more monthly payments in advance or a bigger deposit.

I had already found my (second) apartment when I found out about this great opportunity offered bythe French State: if no physical person living in France, such as your parents, or a juridical person, such as a bank, can be your guarantor, the French government can. Even though you are a foreign student, you can benefit from the"Clé", caution locative étudiant. However, you must be on a scholarship, such as the European grant to support Erasmus students, or be able to look after yourself, which means having your own financial resources.

Having a French guarantor can be a major obstacle, but you also need to know that demand for apartments in Paris is high, despite the huge rents. This is why you have to be a very good candidate on paper. You can be the most honest person in the world, but if you don’t provide the landlord with all the paperwork, you won’t get the keys! The most important part of your application, besides your ID and student card, is of course your income: you have to prove that you and your parents can actually afford the rent, and this is easier to prove if they have a really good income. Basically, money can’t buy happiness but it can help a lot.

Finally, this isn’t the only way we can help you: the landlords who post their ads on Room4talk are well aware of the fact that our startup is aimed at foreign students, which means they are also aware of the fact that you probably won’t have a guarantor.

In the meantime, we wish you the very best of luck and hope you will find your dream apartment with a dream roommate in your dream city!