Room4Talk blog | Everything you need to know before going to Madrid

Everything you need to know before going to Madrid


Good tips before going to Madrid

As part of our section of the best Erasmus cities, we would like to deepen this topic by proving more information and advice about your future destination. So let’s start from the top!

We would like to thank Sheila, a Spanish girl who used to live in Madrid, for sharing some tips with us. Especially when it comes to nightlife, a Spanish opinion matters!

She suggests going to the “Fucking Monday”, a unique party for Erasmus students that occurs, of course, every Monday. On Wednesday you need to go to “Gabbana”, a chic disco where you have the all-you-can-drink formula until 1 a.m. Among Spanish people the neighborhood of “la Latina” is very popular and they use to go to the “Rastro” in the morning and then to “Canas y Tapas”. This could be a little schedule to get started, even though we are sure that your Erasmus team of experts won’t let you be bored, proposing you to party all the time: the most beloved neighborhood for that is definitely “Malasaña”.

As far as trips are concerned, Madrid is well connected so you can take advantage of means of transport to visit Segovia, not far from the capital, and Toledo. If you have some days off, why not heading to Barcelona or Malaga? Especially if the weather is hot and sunny, you will get to be a little tanned and to have a swim before going home!

As for housing, finding a home in Madrid isn’t so complicated as in Paris or London: there are some neighborhoods that you are going to love and you will not regret live in, that’s to say “la Latina”, “Malsaña”, “Bilbao” and “San Bernardo”. Of course, these are ideal neighborhood, but your future housemate may not live there, so be open to that: don’t give up on your opportunity to have a full immersion in the Spanish language and culture thanks to your Spanish housemate or to learn another language in the process just because you don’t get to live in these areas. Rents would probably cheaper, you can use public transport and taxis in Madrid are not that expensive!

We hope this small guide will help you make your adventure unforgettable: the people you will know, will do the rest. Don’t forget to prepare your Erasmus in advance, especially when it comes to housing, and check on our website to find your top housemate!

Good luck!