Room4Talk blog | Erasmus in love or in love with Erasmus?

Erasmus in love or in love with Erasmus?


Photo taken by Irene.B

Erasmus can lead to all sorts of things: fun, personal development, self improvement and even love.

There is no 50-Shades-of-freaking-Grey manual on the agenda, of course, but Erasmus does have a “fun” reputation. We were fascinated by this side of the experience – in other words, love and commitment on the Erasmus.

We’ve all heard of Erasmus flings, but it was a lovely surprise to find out that some couples are still together. The good news is we heard around 20 love stories and most of them turned into lasting relationships. The bad news? I had to choose just one of them.

We would like to thank Irene B. for sharing her and her boyfriend’s story with us.


"My Erasmus in Madrid started in the 1st semester of 2016. Before leaving Milan, I decided that I wanted to enjoy this experience as a single who wants to have fun. Two days later, I met my current boyfriend.

We hanged out together with other students and he always walked me home since my neighborhood wasn’t really safe and despite the fact that he lived quite far from my place. A week later, only classes could divide us, otherwise we were together all the time. On Erasmus, time feels more compact: steps that usually take months to be, are fulfilled in a few days. One day his roommates asked me to move in, since, basically, I was there all the time. So, we took our relationship to the next level: life together as a couple.

Erasmus students can be divided into two groups: singles in search of adventures/love and worried boys/girls who are wondering if their relationship will survive the Erasmus. We felt lucky: we knew it would have lasted, otherwise we wouldn’t have both committed to a relationship during such an intense experience. In June we went back to our lives and universities and we made a big effort to make this long-distance relationship work. And it was worth it: since January 2017 we have been living together in Milan. We keep on wondering, what would have happened if we had made a different call, if he had chosen France instead of Spain as his destination, if my university had assigned me my first choice in the selection process.

If it wasn’t for the Erasmus program, I wouldn’t have met him.

Now, we are considering doing our masters abroad, though we still don’t know where. However, once you experience the excitement and the adrenaline of this kind of opportunities, you can’t go back. Once you have seen the world outside, you want more."

The best part about hearing people’s stories is that almost everyone thanked us for allowing them to relive the experience and we’d like to thank them for sharing these emotional moments with us.

Don’t plan your Erasmus exchange around what other people want you to do, according to their standards or what they have personally experienced while living abroad. Don’t make any plans at all. Everything will happen as it should and in the way you always dreamed it would.

If you don’t find your Prince Charming, don’t panic! It’s not the right moment. However, you will never be alone. Start with your multinational roommates and then who knows… Maybe your roommate will turn out to be the love of your life!