Room4Talk blog | Do I really need to speak a very good English? Yes, I do

Do I really need to speak a very good English? Yes, I do


Let's speak English fluently !

20 years ago, English was optional and more like an added bonus on your CV. Today it has become a must. Many people are still unable to speak it fluently and if that’s you, you’ll probably blame your teacher for that. Go ahead, do it, but you need to understand that it’s your responsibility, too, because this is all about your future (and career).

Besides the fact that English is the most common language and spoken in 53 countries around the world, it is sometimes the only thing that connects people from different countries. This means that it might be your only option for communicating with your foreign interlocutor. What’s more, this language has also become the main language in many fields and influences local languages, which have started to absorb English vocabulary (think about loan words). English is essential in scientific and economic fields, but employees still seem to be falling short. English is constantly changing, faster than other languages, because it dominates evolving areas that are constantly developing, such as media and digital technology, engineering and also law, finance, economics and tourism… Pretty much everything, right? For example, our lives now revolve around digital communication: it covers a huge part of our everyday experiences, which is why digital skills are so valuable. There are more and more digital career paths on the job market. And guess what? In this field, everyone speaks English.

You want the best in life, but it’s not obvious how to achieve it from where you are right now. This means you should keep your options open, and in order to do that, you have to be proactive and communicate, not only in your job and career but in your life, too. Imagine you accept a great job offer, which means moving to another country, but your English isn’t good enough. How will you meet new people and start your life again?

More and more employers are looking for employees with excellent English, but they’re often unwilling to pay for language lessons. This means you have to do it on your own.

So how can you help yourself?

  1. Do yourself a favor and watch that damn TV series in English! This is where binge watching can actually be useful and you won’t have wasted hours and hours for nothing.
  2. Find nice little bars where language exchanges are organized, attend an English course… But remember that these are just little tasters of this global language and there are things you can’t learn at school: complete immersion really makes a difference!
  3. Go abroad: on Erasmus, an internship or a nice solo trip to meet local people.
  4. Live with people from all over the world who, like you, want to improve their English and find your perfect international flatmate. Imagine how much you can learn and improve by talking to your flatmates 24/7! An advantage you can only get by sharing an apartment with international people. And if you get fed up with English or you’ve just got too good at it, you can always switch language!