Room4Talk blog | Berlin is the new paradise for Erasmus students!

Berlin is the new paradise for Erasmus students!


Photo taken by Nina.F, East Side Gallery/Berlin

Planning to study in Berlin or just visiting? Have you got your perfect internship over there? Lucky you! Berlin is the perfect city to live in when you’re a student. Life is cheap, perfect for drinking beers or eating out with friends. Above all, Berlin is an international city where you are sure to find your dream international housemate.😉

Berlin is also a practical city. It’s easy to find buses and they will drop you off anywhere. If you are a “museum lover”, Berlin is the place for you. There is even a district called “Museumsinsel”. It’s like a museum island! If you enjoy partying, look no further! The media often highlights the fact that Berlin is the European capital of night life!

We met a French student called Nina 8 months ago to ask her some questions about her experience in Berlin.

You will find below Nina’s top tips and how she felt about the time she spent in Berlin!


« I have had the chance to spend 6 months in this wonderful city. What I can tell you is that I know nobody who has lived in Berlin and who does not love it. It is a city completely different to other capital cities. The atmosphere in this city is like anywhere else. People are so open-minded. Do not be surprised to see plenty of hipsters; you will yourself have a look that you will not have anywhere else.

Berlin is not expansive, not at all actually. By being 1hour far away by car from Poland, Berlin has a bit the same cost of life those eastern countries. Rents are not expansive neither, compare to other German cities such as Munich for example. You can easily find a room in flat-shares, since Berliner are very friendly.

Regarding the city itself, it is just not indefinable. When I first came, I bought a book “Discover Berlin”, but I did not open it once. If you want to visit museums, that’s fine buy a book, but if you really want to discover the city, the way of life, then just go out, speak with people.

Something you have to know, even if Berlin is not like the rest of Germany, one thing remains: the German rigor : Pay a ticket if you are using the Ubahn or Sbahn (equivalent to Tram or subway). Indeed, the tickets inspectors do not wear any uniforms. I have been quite surprised to be controlled by 2 young men, who seemed to be just friends hanging out together, and wearing joggings!

I strongly recommend to everyone to discover this city. When I think about Berlin, I feel like it is home. I hope you will enjoy it! Auf Wiedersehen! »